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The Link between Yoga & Ayurveda

AYURVEDA AND YOGA... A shared lineage of knowledge and Wisdom

In ancient times, it was understood that all life is imbibed with an energy of

oneness that connects everything and everyone. This oneness brought about

holistic wisdoms and teachings in all facets of life with an understanding of


Yoga and Ayurveda stem from the same ancient teachings of the universe, known as the "Vedas". The Vedas are the most ancient Hindu scriptures, written in early Sanskrit.

The Vedas contain information on science, medicine, spirituality, philosophy,

astrology and more. These books provided reference for all subjects of life, birth, death and beyond.

YOGA... Then and now

The traditional teachings of Yoga found in the Vedas are more complex than many people comprehend when they attend a modern Yoga class.

Yoga Asana (Yoga postures); is one of eight limbs of Raja Yoga.

Other Raja Yoga practices/limbs you may have heard of include meditation and Pranayama; all designed to become present with body and spirit, in order to

transcend the mind.

And for those who were surprised by that; guess what! This group of eight Raja Yoga limbs above, is just one of four different paths of Yoga that one can

devote to on a LIFELONG spiritual journey!

It is intended that any of these paths would lead to the same outcome - Oneness. As all people learn in different ways, traditional Yoga offers many practices to reach this state. (All paths lead to Rome).

In ancient times, Yoga was intended as a science of self-realisation, with a specific purpose of uniting the mind with the divine. However in the modern world, Yoga has become a system of exercise and is quickly spreading across the world exclusively as a physical practice.

Modern research is showing that most of the yoga postures practised today are less than 100 years old, and far from a time-tested system.

AYURVEDA... The science of interconnectedness and


Ayurveda is the world’s oldest recorded system of healing. Used for more than 5,000 years by thousands of doctors on millions of patients; it is a proven system of both prevention and healing.

Its timeless wisdom is now being recognised and gaining immense popularity because there is no other medicine system as complete and applicable for enhancing all forms of health and healing.

Ayurveda is the only system of medicine which recognises 10 different metabolic and psychological body types. Ayurveda differs from modern medicine by seeing each person and their body as completley unique with its own original blueprint (prakruti), and unique imbalances (vikruti) resulting from that persons lifestyle, choices and conditions.

When people hear Ayurveda, they often think of body-type diagnosis and herbal medicines.

However, Ayurveda's incredible universal principles allow us to see the link between everything; so we can easily identify the root of an imbalance and recommend all areas of life where balance can be created (diet, physical activity, movement, habits, thoughts, emotional tendencies, therapies etc).


YOGA?... ThaiVedic's solution

Yoga and Ayurveda have the same goal: balance.

Many of the physical practices of Ancient Yoga have an abundance of research to promote their benefits such as reversing the ageing process, aligning physical structure, and healing the internal organs.

However ThaiVedic Yoga understands the need for evolution; so that Yoga can continue to grow and shine in the modern age. The timeless healing science of Ayurveda can help us understand the energetics of Yoga poses and how they can be adapted to healing an individual.

The Five elements represent the fundamental building blocks of life, and enhance our ability to recognise balance and imbalance in any area of life. ThaiVedic uses the Five Elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth to understand the five different foundational categories of Yoga Therapy and Bodywork healing tools.

This enables us to quickly understand the benefits and possible side effects of any healing practice, and on which person, constitution and imbalance it may best be used.

THAIVEDIC YOGA... Timeless Wisdom meets Modern Practicality.

ThaiVedic, like other institutions and experienced doctors, believe that Ayurveda is the basis of a global medicine system. Its common language systems work to unite all forms of medicine, by showing the benefit, weakness and individual applicability of all therapies, new or old.

Using The Five Element System of Ayurveda can illuminate how universal guidance feeds through our bodies and can practically guide us both on and off the mat.

Like all things in life, the best way to learn anything is through experience. If you have an interest in using the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to heal yourself and others, we invite you to come and experience one of our trainings.

For those with a passion for Yoga, we would recommend the Yoga Therapy Trainings; which combine Ayurveda, Anusara and so much more; creating a truly ground breaking system of yoga therapy and self-healing. You can follow the event links below for more info.

We hope this information has deepened your curiosity on how you can live a more balanced life in alignment to the Yogic philosophy of oneness and balance with all things and all beings.

Love and Light

The ThaiVedic Team

For a list of all trainings, both bodywork and Yoga, SEE ALL UPCOMING EVENTS

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