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An International School 
Uniting Holistic Medicine and People

ThaiVedic brings together the world’s most effective healing arts, with a special focus on Ayurvedic concepts, Thai Massage and Yoga Therapies. We believe these practices to be key to human evolution, happiness and living spiritually purposeful lives. 

ThaiVedic offers a TRULY holistic and integrated curriculum, with three clear and simple paths to restore the wisdom humanity needs. 

1. Ayurvedic Concepts: A Path to Clarity
and Understanding the True You

Ayurveda has brilliant tools and concepts to understand our body and mind in ways other sciences are often missing. This is because Ayurvedic sciences illuminate the principles of creation, which can be used for vibrant health, accurate diagnosis, and to give true clarity to life. ThaiVedic uses the common language systems and concepts of Ayurveda to understand all healing modalities and balance our inner and outer lives.

2. Thai Massage: A Path to Reconnection

with People and Sharing Healing Touch

More than ever our societies seem to be losing their community roots and ability to sustain meaningful connections. Science is now confirming that loving touch is essential for our lives and promotes healing, empathy and compassion for ourselves and others. ThaiVedic embraces the wisdom of Thai Massage as not only a powerful healing system, but also a way to bring people together in circle and share in community and connection. 

Sebastian Bruno ThaiVedic Massage Training.jpeg

3. Yoga Therapies: A Path to Meditative

Movement and Finding Your Purpose in Life

Yoga extends far deeper than a wonderful exercise system which can keep you healthy and happy. ThaiVedic focuses on bringing the deep inner practices of yoga and meditation to the modern world. These incredible yogic powers can rewire our brains; setting us up for lasting peace, joy and purposeful lives. In whatever way we follow Yogic practices, whether meditating for mental peace or just exercising for fitness, in time we become happier and lessen the suffering in the world around us.

World-class Education with 
Experienced Teachers

When Sebastian and Kimmana founded ThaiVedic in 2012, they envisioned a worldwide community of top educators in their fields, sharing wisdom to change the world. That vision is now coming alive across the globe as more teachers share the ThaiVedic Curriculum. This knowledge is our birthright and it is now more accessible than ever; in price, ease of learning, and locations expanding around the world.


thai vedic training sebastian bruno.jpeg

Come and grow with us...
Share the Vision!

Get to know our founders & how their complementary expertise gave birth to the revolutionary ThaiVedic School.

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