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ThaiVedic Yoga Philosophy

ThaiVedic Yoga embraces the non-dual philosophy of Tantra; that all of life is imbibed with an energy of oneness that connects everything and everyone. This energy is a goodness without opposite and its auspiciousness continues to guide all of creation.


The teachers of ThaiVedic are trained to inspire oneness and awaken you to this universal guidance that is present in your heart and every cell of your body. They inspire a playful acceptance of the many facets of life and joyfully encourage students to evolve toward wholesome balance, and the guidance of our supreme oneness nature.


In a yoga class teachers may use The Five Element System of Ayurveda to illuminate how this universal guidance feeds through our bodies and can practically guide us both on and off the mat.


The Five Element System used in ThaiVedic Yoga enhances our ability to use metaphors in ways that bring real practicality and applicability to the philosophy of Tantra.  It clearly shows how we can properly use this wisdom to enhance our lives as a unified whole, which includes mind, body and spirit.


The five elements give us an understanding of a stepped approach to how creation forms, and so too, a stepped approach to how we manifest and create in our own lives. It offers a systematic process to take you from divine guidance to physically purposeful lives.



and the Need for Evolution

In ancient times Yoga was intended as a science of self-realisation, with specific purpose of uniting the mind with the divine.


It had many amazing and time-tested systems of philosophy for this purpose, namely Tantra, Vedanta, Ashtanga Meditation and many more. ThaiVedic Yoga continues to share these philosophies in their original form as the true heart and purpose of Yoga.


In the modern world Yoga has become a system of exercise and is quickly spreading across the world as a physical form and practice.


Unfortunately this is coming with a huge influx of injuries and bad press as we have papers like the New York Times publishing articles titled “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body”, and prominent authors writing best selling books like “The Science of Yoga”, which has a chapter that might as well have been called “The Science of Injury”.


Modern research is showing that most of the yoga postures practised today are less than 100 years old and far from a time tested system.


ThaiVedic Yoga understands the need for evolution so that Yoga can continue to grow and shine in the modern age.


Many of the physical practices of ancient yoga have an abundance of research to promote their benefits such as reversing the ageing process, aligning physical structure, and healing the internal organs.


ThaiVedic Yoga evolves these physical practices of yoga by:

  • Drawing from modern physiotherapy and integrated movement systems that are results driven and evidence based, to create safe and therapeutic pose modifications.

  • Using “water pulse flows” and spirals on specific fascia systems and meridians. This allows compassionate opening of the body as opposed to fixed point forced stretches or the pressure of gravity on unsupported ligaments and tendons.

  • Emphasising the importance of connective tissue strength and encouraging poses that create more support and stability throughout the body-mind complex, especially the joints.

  • Using the timeless healing science of Ayurveda to understand the energetics of Yoga poses and how they can be adapted to healing the individual.

“Those who want to practice Yoga as either exercise or therapy, should

look to Ayurveda in order to learn how to integrate yogic practices into

constitutional measures and individualised disease treatment plans.”


~ Dr David Frawley, renowned Yoga Teacher and Vedic scholar

What Makes

ThaiVedic Yoga Different?

Although ThaiVedic Yoga shares many of the common attributes found in yoga schools such as asana, mantra, pranayama, etc, ThaiVedic Yoga is specifically designed as a system of healing and therapy.


It borrows from the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, which is a vast medical system with practical tools to understand and heal the individual.


ThaiVedic Yoga uses the Ayurvedic system to classify these common attributes of yoga into categories that enhance the ability of the yoga teacher to guide the healing of another by:

  • Understanding the unique nature of the student and how that individual nature relates to their ideal yoga practice.

  • Understand the Ayurvedic qualities and categories for individual mantras, breath practices, asana and meditations. This enables an easy common language system to know and remember the specific benefits, contraindications and uses these practices will have on a person.

  • Expanding your energy body awareness and how we can use yogic practices to remove specific doshic imbalances that are the source of disease.

  • Having a time tested system of lifestyle and nutritional tools to compliment your students yoga practice and success off the mat.

ThaiVedic Yoga's

Ultimate Outcome

Our ultimate goal is to create a unified system of Yoga and Ayurveda where we can easily understand the benefits and weaknesses of all aspects of health, healing and life, both on and off the mat.


We hope to share this wisdom with the world in ways that evolve modern yoga therapy without diluting the potency of this amazing science of self-realisation.


Our true purpose is to awaken people to their true nature and full potential; by offering multitudes of possibility for varied souls to find their unique path, and connect with the love and beauty that permeates from all of the world.


This way of being and living enhances rejuvenation and longevity, promoting energised empowerment of our full life potential.

ThaiVedic Yoga Trainings

Our training’s are suitable for people interested in their own self healing and development, or professional yoga teachers and wellness consultants.


The trainings are highly experiential, allowing the theory to be fully integrated into real world examples within your own body.

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