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Meet The ThaiVedic Founders...

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Naturopath & Ayurveda Teacher

Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500

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Traditional Thai Massage Teacher GCT 300

"A good teacher can inspire hope,

ignite the imagination,

and instil a love of learning."

~ Brad Henry



Co-Founder of ThaiVedic

Traditional Thai Massage Teacher GCT 300


Sebastian is a student of the Body, Breath, and Movement. These studies brought him into various practices including martial arts, dance, bodywork and traditional healing arts.


For the past 20 years he has been immersed in the learning and practice of Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Medicine; rooted in the Five Element Theory and Buddhist principles of mindfulness, kindness, and compassion; studying with genuine Masters and lineage holders.


Sebastian is the co-founder of ThaiVedic; an International School of Holistic Healing, drawing wisdom from the traditions of Ayurveda, Traditional Thai Medicine, and Yoga Therapy. Based in Asia for the last 15 years, Sebastian travels around the world sharing his practice through sessions, classes, and workshops.

Watch Sebastian's Thai Massage Online Demo 


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Learn in the world's most beautiful destinations



Co-Founder of ThaiVedic

Naturopath & Ayurveda Teacher

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Naturopath and Ayurvedic Teacher Kimmana Nichols is the third generation from a family lineage of healers and educators.


Qualified in over 20 modalities of bodywork and medicine, his passion for healing arts and teaching has awakened a wave of Vedic Wisdom changing lives.


Kimmana co-created ThaiVedic to improve modern touch-based and movement modalities by using the key principles within the holistic and diagnostic system of Ayurveda. He believes that these Ayurvedic lenses and key principles not only broaden and sharpen tools for practitioners and empowers clients with selfcare practices, but they also empower deep healing by pulling at the roots of separation psychology. 


For more info on his personal projects visit:


Curriculum & Teachers



Barbra Noh has been a student of movement her whole life. She is an internationally recognised yoga teacher who loves to share her passion for health, healing and personal growth. 

An Australian based in Munich/Germany, she travels internationally to teach workshops, offer retreats and present at conferences. With close to 20 years’ experience she is a leading educator for yoga teachers. Additional to her highly regarded alignment focused yoga teacher trainings she is also author of the book, “Yoga – Living With Strength and Grace”. 


Barbra found that yoga and meditation changed her life, giving her tools to work with her mind, heal her body and nourish her spirit. Her teaching focuses on a therapeutic and sustainable approach to asana and alignment.


Barbra’s classes are physically challenging, mentally stimulating, and 

emotionally uplifting. Her warmth, humour and love for yoga inspires students to reach new heights. She has a precise and structured approach to teaching, making complex material accessible and enjoyable to learn. Her down to earth yet profound approach to philosophy helps cultivate an attitude that makes physical practice a tool for spiritual expansion.

Barbra believes the transformational techniques and teachings of yoga empower and encourage us in our quest to sense our worthiness and live our full potential.


Co-Creator of ThaiVedic Yoga, E-RYT 500

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The next training with ALL THREE of our Founders is in Bali!


Our next ThaiVedic 200 Hour Holistic Yoga Therapy Teacher Training will be held in Ubud Bali.

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