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Timeless Wisdom, Modern Practicality

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest recorded system of healing. Used for more than 5,000 years by thousands of doctors on millions of patients; it is a proven system of both prevention and healing.


Its timeless wisdom is now being recognised and gaining immense popularity because there is no other medicine system as complete and applicable for enhancing all forms of health and healing.



True Individualised Healing

Ayurveda is the only system of medicine which recognises 10 different metabolic and psychological body types.  Ayurveda differs from modern medicine by seeing each person and their body as completley unique with its own original blueprint (prakruti), and unique imbalances (vikruti) resulting from that persons lifestyle, choices and conditions. This is taken into account when treating any person. Ayurveda's incredible universal principles allow us to see the link between everything, so we can easily identify the root of an imbalance and recommend the areas of life (diet, physical activity, habits, therapies etc) to create balance.


Linking Yoga, Thai Massage & Ayurveda

Two of the most common principles in Ayurveda are the Five Elements and the Three Doshas.


Doshas are used to describe one's individual constitution. Knowing one's Dosha allows us to understand how the entire world and its conditions may affect that particular constitution (body and mind), and how this leads to the root of disease.


The Five elements represent the fundamental building blocks of life, and enhance our ability to recognise balance and imbalance in any area of life.


ThaiVedic uses the Five Elements to understand the five different building blocks of yoga therapy and bodywork healing tools.


This enables us to quickly understand the benefits and possible side effects of any healing practice, and on which person, constitution and imbalance it may best be used.

“Those who want to practice Yoga as either exercise or therapy, should

look to Ayurveda in order to learn how to integrate yogic practices into

constitutional measures and individualised disease treatment plans.”


~ Dr David Frawley, renowned Yoga Teacher and Vedic scholar

A Global System of Unified Medincine

ThaiVedic, like other institutions and experienced doctors, believe that Ayurveda is the basis of a global medicine system. Its common language systems work to unite all forms of medicine, by showing the benefit, weakness and individual applicability of all therapies, new or old.


Ayurveda clearly shows us the fundamental laws of the universe and how these laws apply to the creation of disease, or once understood, accelerate the healing process. 

Ayurveda’s goal is to achieve health by working towards balance and harmony. For therapy it focuses on natural forces such as heat, cold, light, herbs, food, minerals, breath, exercise, and psychological therapies.


Prevention is emphasised over cure, by using in-depth systems to understand and maintain balance in all areas of life; physical, emotional, mental, environmental, and spiritual unification.

Study Ayurveda with ThaiVedic

Like all things in life, the best way to learn anything is through experience. ThaiVedic is a complete system of holistic healing drawing upon the wisdoms of Ayurveda, Yoga, Thai Massage and Modern Medicine. 


If you have an interest in using the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to heal yourself and others, we invite you to come and experience one of our trainings.


Depending upon your interest, we have different courses that apply Ayurvedic principles to specific therapies.


For those with a passion for Yoga, we would recommend the Yoga Therapy Trainings; which combine Ayurveda, Anusara and so much more, creating a truly ground breaking system of yoga therapy and self-healing.


For those wishing to heal themselves and others with the wisdom of healing touch, the ThaiVedic Bodywork Trainings are ideal.

If you are interested in applying Ayurvedic principles to both Yoga Therapies and Bodywork, our 200hour intensive training offers seven world recognised qualifications in one training.  More info on 200 Hour Training.

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