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   Treating Individuality

Bodywork is a broad term for therapies and manual techniques that involve touching and manipulating the body.

Yet it is so much more. While it is true that we work with the body (bodywork), the truth is we are touching so much more.  We are touching the entire being. The body is only an entry point for us to connect with something deeper.


Touch is the first form of medicine; stemming from that first instinct of bringing our hands to an injured area. To rub the temples to ease a headache or to knead our friend's tensed shoulders for relief.


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about ThaiVedic Bodywork...


ThaiVedic draws wisdom from three different traditions; 

Ayurveda, Yoga and Thai Bodywork.


To understand Thai Bodywork we need to look at it in the context of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM).

TTM is composed of five roots:

  • Internal Medicine: mostly the medicinal use of herbs and minerals 

  • External Medicine: Thai Bodywork, Chiropractics, scraping, cupping, medicated oils, balms, herbal compresses etc.

  • Divinatory Sciences: The use of numerology, palmistry and Jyotish Astrology to understand tendencies towards imbalance.

  • Spirit Science: Shamanism, mantras, incantations, Sak Yan (magical tattoo), working with deities etc.

  • Buddhist Medicine: The use of Buddhist principles to eradicate suffering (can be seen as the psychological branch of the system).



As a natural medicine TTM, like Ayurveda, uses the Five Element Theory to understand individuality and diagnose imbalances.

As a spiritual practice it incorporates the Buddhist principles of Vipassana (mindfulness) and the Four Brahamaviharas (Divine states of Mind) - Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Uppekha (loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity). 


As a physical practice, powerful stretches and deep acupressure are applied carefully along the body as a fluid, meditative dance; creating a relaxed supported bodywork that allows a profound sense of space and relaxation, bringing opposites (yin/yang, solar/lunar , masculine/feminine) into union.

Studying with us


Our training’s are suitable for people interested in their own self healing and development, or professional yoga teachers and wellness consultants.


The training’s are highly experiential allowing the theory to be fully integrated into real world examples within your own body.

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