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Sebastian Bruno Massage Training ThaiVedic Thailand.png

13-15, 20-22 May | Seoul, South Korea

Join Sebastian Bruno in Seoul for an immersive experience into the realm of Thai Massage, Elemental Wisdom, Traditional Medicine, and Meditation practices. 

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200 hour Holistic Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

July 6 - Aug 3, 2022 |  Koh Phangan, Thailand

This course offers 7 qualifications in one training.  Our ThaiVedic 200 hour Holistic Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Thailand is revolutionary; combing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and Thai Massage, with the most powerful holistic therapies of today. This is different from a regular Yoga Teacher Training, as it equips you with skills to assess and offer the most individualised and effective treatments and classes based on spirituality, psychology, metabolism, nutrition and structure. Experience a Vedic lifestyle, while learning the elemental qualities of movement, touch and healing.  


Meditation and Lifestyle Yoga Therapy Training

Nov 30 - Dec 4, 2022 |  Noosa, Australia

Taught by ThaiVedic Co-Founder Kimmana Nichols, This 5-day, 30 hour course will empower you to develop your self-practice according to your Ayurvedic constitution and expand your teaching skills to offer effective one-on-one coaching to your students. It is accessible to those who have never studied Ayurveda, yet offers a revolutionary, easy-to-apply approach for the seasoned practitioners. Whether you are a yogi looking to deepening your experience or a teacher seeking to broaden your scope of practice, this course is suitable for people of all levels to evolve their mind-medicine skills.  


with ThaiVedic teachers

Gwyn Williams Trainings Australia.png


Yoga Therapy

February, 2022  |  AUSTRALIA

This three day practical class is aimed at yoga teachers and Zenthai therapists. Its focus on Structural Yoga Therapy is great for working on yourself and with clients.  Using traditional and modern-day lenses, we will examine the rehabilitation and prevention of commonly occurring issues in the musculo-skeletal system.  


Vitality Now Detox Retreat

Oct 15-22nd  &  Nov 6-12th , 2021  |


This detox retreat is made for you, especially if health issues have been stopping you from living your best life. Join health expert and ThaiVedic co-founder Kimmana Nichols for the ultimate Ayurvedic Detox.   

Traditional Thai Massage Medicine Tour C

Traditional Thai Medicine Tour

Oct 20-29th 2022 | NORTHERN THAILAND

A 10 day tour exploring Thai Massage, Traditional Thai Medicine, Thai Element Theory, Meditation, Prayer, Ritual, Mantras; Meet local healers, spirit doctors, Buddhist teachers & masters! 


Sebastian Bruno Online Bodywork Training

Foundations of ThaiVedic Bodywork 

Online Training with Sebastian Bruno

Sebastian Bruno, co-founder of ThaiVedic, takes us on a journey of the masterful Level 1 ThaiVedic Bodywork flow. The course consists of 10 videos; breakdowns of the sequence, the full massage flow, Whai Kru Mantra and bonus mediation.  


ThaiVedic Bodywork Vayu Therapy

Online Training with Sebastian Bruno

Sebastian Bruno, co-founder of ThaiVedic, guides us on this deeper exploration of the Elements, healing touch and 

conscious movement, through our Level 2 ThaiVedic 

Bodywork flow.