The Five Vayus Explained

What are the Five Vayus and why are they so important? Sebastian Bruno, Co-Founder of ThaiVedic explains the importance of the Five Vayus of the body, their significance to our mental and physical health, and how we can address them. Below the video you can also find additional information on symptoms of imbalance and treatments.

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Prana Vayu is translated as that which moves towards, and it’s primarily located in the head and heart. Governed by the Element of Space, this Vayu controls all sensory perception and assimilation, and everything that comes into the body and mind including food, water, air and impressions. Sometimes refered to as the King of the Vayus, as it directs the other Vayus. It guides all contraction and expansion, including inhalation and exhalation (also udana), stimulation and relaxation, memory and selective blocking of memories.

Signs & Symptoms of Imbalance:



-Central nervous system dysfunction


Treating Prana Vayu:

-Meditative techniques

-Aligning with Sun cycle

-Prana filled foods

-ThaiVedic Bodywork techniques