The Five Vayus Explained

What are the Five Vayus and why are they so important? Sebastian Bruno, Co-Founder of ThaiVedic explains the importance of the Five Vayus of the body, their significance to our mental and physical health, and how we can address them. Below the video you can also find additional information on symptoms of imbalance and treatments.

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Prana Vayu is translated as that which moves towards, and it’s primarily located in the head and heart. Governed by the Element of Space, this Vayu controls all sensory perception and assimilation, and everything that comes into the body and mind including food, water, air and impressions. Sometimes refered to as the King of the Vayus, as it directs the other Vayus. It guides all contraction and expansion, including inhalation and exhalation (also udana), stimulation and relaxation, memory and selective blocking of memories.

Signs & Symptoms of Imbalance:



-Central nervous system dysfunction


Treating Prana Vayu:

-Meditative techniques

-Aligning with Sun cycle

-Prana filled foods

-ThaiVedic Bodywork techniques


Udana vayu is translated as that which rises and is primarily located in the chest and throat. Governed by the element of Wind, it relates to our individual strength and ability to stand up for what we want to do with our lives, speech, effort and enthusiasm. When balanced we feel that our life is progressing well and has direction (both in a mundane way and in a spiritual way). When out of balance we may feel trapped to a specific direction or be floating in the wind with no specific goal or progress forward.

Signs & Symptoms of Imbalance:

-Lack of motivation, enthusiasm and direction

-Inability to express and communicate effectively


-Poor memory

Treating Udana Vayu:

-Diaphragmatic breathing (focus on exhalation)

-Chanting (eg. Wai Kru)

-Wind dominant techniques (ThaiVedic Vayu Online course)


Samana Vayu is primarily located in the digestive tract, and therfore is predominantly responsible for digestion and assimilation of foods. Once life has been taken into the body, Samana breaks it into smaller pieces and helps it become part of the tissues. Governed by the element of Fire, it works closely with agni (digestive force).

Signs & Symptoms of Imbalance:

-Poor digestion

-Lack of appetite


Treating Samana Vayu:

-Digestive stimulants (ginger, cardamom, pippali etc)

-Appropriate diet

-ThaiVedic Bodywork techniques, esp small intestine and liver (See on line course)


Vyana vayu is responsible for the circulation of fluids and nerve impulses to the extremities and back again. It is primarily located in the heart. Governed by the Water element it moves outward in a circular, pulsing motion distributing oxygen, nutrients, hormones and heat throughout the entire body.

Signs & Symptoms of Imbalance:

-Dry skin

-Poor circulation (cold hands & feet)

-Blocked arteries


Treating Vyana Vayu:

-All exercise

-Lymph pumps

-Water based techniques

-ThaiVedic Water dominant techniques


When balanced, Apana is a force of stability, strength and reassurance, which shows its governing element of Earth. Primarily located in the lower abdomen, it is responsible for the proper functioning of the downward movements in the digestive, urinary and sexual organs. When our safety is compromised, all downward movements of the body are compromised. It roots the other vayus and its malfunction will eventually affect all other vayus due to accumulating excess or draining the body of energy.

Signs & Symptoms of Imbalance:




-Premature ejaculation


Treating Apana Vayu:

-Stability exercises


-Grounding foods

-ThaiVedic Earth dominant techniques

To learn how to incorporate treatment of the Vayus into your bodywork and massage practice, check out Sebastian's online Vayus Bodywork Courses.

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