WELCOME to ThaiVedic... This feels so good!

As the ThaiVedic community expands around the Globe, things keep evolving for the better; which is our aim, of course, for ourselves, our students, teachers, neighbours, and our planet.

ThaiVedic Bodywork curriculum Although formerly branded as "ThaiVedic Yoga"; the popular makes it more appropriate to emphasise our an all-encompassing school of "ThaiVedic".

Our growing community of leading practitioners has sculpted the ThaiVedic School of Movement, Healing and Bodywork into a gem; translating the world's most effective healing wisdom into modern and applicable therapeutic systems.

Accordingly, we decided to create a fresh and inviting platform; where you can discover how ThaiVedic can contribute to your personal life and professional career as a teacher, practitioner, or health enthusiast.

All 3 Levels of the ThaiVedic Bodywork AND all 3 Levels of ThaiVedic Yoga are accredited in our 200Hour Yoga Therapy Training in Bali. (Yoga Alliance Accredited)

Love, wisdom, vision and dedication to education has gone into this school, its curriculum and trainings ; designed to create balance and health for all.

We welcome you wholeheartedly, and thank you for your open mind and willingness to create health and harmony among all beings, including the self.

Wishing you health and prosperity,

The ThaiVedic Team.


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Who are these folks? These are our ThaiVedic founders: Kimmana Nichols, Barbra Noh and Sebastian Bruno. Find out more about our founders.