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The ThaiVedic Holistic Yoga Therapy Training is designed to be a comprehensive therapy toolkit for movement and exercise practitioners. Enabling integration of Ayurveda, Traditional Thai Massage and other specialist techniques to become more holistic in your approach and effective with your results.

The Ayurvedic lenses allow therapists to see the benefits and strengths of all forms of yoga, new and old. The curriculum also includes techniques for intentional evolution, effective communication skills, and meeting each individual at their level of personal/spiritual development.

In order to effectively teach such a comprehensive and diverse program, we brought together some of the leading minds in the healing, bodywork and yoga industries to teach this curriculum and share their experience. 

Allow the comprehensive and holistic medicine systems of Ayurveda, Traditional Thai Medicine, and Yoga; to enrich your life and those around you.




7 Qualifications in One Training

The 200 hour ThaiVedic Holistic Yoga Therapy Training includes all 6 of the above ThaiVedic modules. These modules equip students with: 

  •  The skills and knowledge to guide yoga therapy one-on-one with clients of all ages, conditions, and limitations. 

  • 10 specifically designed therapeutic ThaiVedic bodywork sequences.

  • Ability receive a 200 hour YTT Certification with Yoga Alliance International.

The focus of this training is creating Holistic Yoga Therapists who cultivate and enhance the natural healing powers of the body through yoga, Ayurveda, bodywork, lifestyle coaching and psychology tools.

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Students will be able to assess and deliver healing to all Five Elements of the human body.

  • Ether: Guide people to their unique spiritual path and treat the energetic flow within the body. This taps people into the source of infinite healing potential.

  • Wind: Assess the psychology of the individual with an integrated system that encourages mental peace and accelerates the manifestation of life goals.

  • Fire: Understand the unique metabolic types of each individual and be able to shift the metabolism and burning fires of the body, enabling better digestion of all of life.

  • Water: Clearly see the body’s connection systems; spirals, loops, fascia, and fluid systems. Enabling compassionate integration and bringing back fluid movement to the dance of the body and lymph.

  • Earth: Strengthen and support the bones and muscular structure of the body, freeing the pain of improper alignment, and empowering an unshakeable body and mind.



At the end of this course you will receive certificates for six ThaiVedic module trainings.


On top of the wisdom learnt within these six module trainings, you will also study 20 specific conditions and how to treat these conditions using the completely holistic ThaiVedic System. Each component of our unique course supports the others creating a truly holistic and integrated system.


The bodywork additions create a yoga teacher/therapist who is sensitive to the body’s structure and is confident to make appropriate physical adjustments. This is not only crucial for stubborn and long standing misalignment’s in the posture, but also enables extra tools for treatment of the energy body, metabolism and psychology.


Available with our Teachers

Interested to Organise ThaiVedic Training in Your Centre?


If you would like to co-create a ThaiVedic Training in your part of the world, we offer the opportunity to organise an event and host us in a location of your choice.


Those with interest please send in your request with details of the possible venue and your promotion plan here.

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