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Thai Massage & Traditional Thai Medicine


The history of Traditional Thai Medicine begins with the land known today as Thailand, previously known as Siam. The origin of every traditional medicine system starts with the land and its environment- Nature.


What makes traditional systems of medicine around the world different and unique is the fact that the land, climate, plants and diseases are different and unique all around the globe.


The ancient kingdom of Siam ( nowadays Thailand), bordered south by Malaysia, west by Burma, East by Cambodia, North by Lao and right in the center of the trading route between China and India exposed the territory to many influences.


Predominantly a Buddhist culture, the primary figurehead in traditional Thai medicine is the Buddha as he is viewed as the the ultimate physician and Dhamma (his teachings) the ultimate healing tool to eradicate suffering.  Thai Medicine is inherently Buddhist Medicine. Thai Massage is part of one of the five branches that make Traditional Thai Medicine. These branches are:  1.Internal Medicine (herbology). 2.External Medicine (Reusi Dat Ton, Thai Massage, Acupressure, Tok Sen, Scraping, medicated oils, herbal compresses, balms, liniments etc). 3.Divinatory Sciences (palmistry, Jyothish astrology, numerology etc.). 4.Spirit Medicine (mantras, invocations, incantations, shamanism, Sak Yam, magic etc.) 5.Buddhist Medicine.


These branches are weaved together by Buddhist principles and Five Element Theory creating a unique, comprehensive system of healing wisdom. As a natural medicine, it uses the Five Element theory to understand individuality and diagnose imbalances. As a spiritual practice it incorporates the Buddhist principles of Vipassana (mindfulness) and the Four Brahamaviharas (Divine states of Mind)- Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Uppekha (loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity).


Powerful stretches and deep acupressure are applied carefully along as a fluid meditative dance creating a relaxed supported body work that allows a profound sense of space and relaxation, bringing opposites (yin/yang, solar/lunar , masculine/feminine) into union.





Introduction to Thai Massage Course


An introductory workshop into the anatomy of assisted movement and the alchemy of breath.


Either as a complete beginner or a healing therapist, this course will provide you with tools to express yourself through therapeutic touch in a safe, effective and loving way.


12 hours program




Foundation of Thai Massage - Level I


Traditional Thai Massage in the context of Traditional Thai Medicine. Thai Element Theory as the basis of diagnosis and treatment planing.


For learners who wish to acquire original Thai Massage skills for personal benefit and to lay strong foundations for further study at higher levels. Students learn hands-on techniques to relieve tension, fatigue, stimulate circulation, and restore vitality in the entire body through Thai massage and pressure points.


30 hours program




Thai Massage Intermediate - Level II


This course is for student seeking to obtain confidence and strengthen the techniques learned from the Foundation of Thai Massage course.


Students will learn additional variation techniques in order to adjust a different pressure effects. Introduction to pressure point and intermediate assisted movement techniques.


30 hour program


Advanced Therapeutics - Level III


This course examines the therapeutic aspects of Thai Massage.


This module focuses on spot specific treatment using different Thai medicinal techniques such as pressure points, scraping, medicated oils, balms, herbal packs and inversions, to name a few. Exploring the Yoga in Yoga Massage. This course is focused on wholeness, fluidity and transition.



30 hour program


Traditional Thai Medicine Tour


An unforgettable journey into traditional timeless wisdom.  A journey through Northen Thailand exploring the heart of Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Medicine, conscious touch, non-verbal communication, meditation, prayer, ritual, mantras, Reusi Dat Ton ( Thai Yoga) and more.


Meet local healers, spirit doctors, Buddhist teachers and masters!

10 Day Tour

Interested to Organise ThaiVedic Training in Your Centre?


If you would like to co-create a ThaiVedic Training in your part of the world, we offer the opportunity to organise an event and host us in a location of your choice.


Those with interest please send in your request with details of the possible venue and your promotion plan here.

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