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ThaiVedic & Zenthai Shiatsu Present


Yoga Therapy


Relieve pain and create

unshakeable mental strength.

This practical class is aimed at yoga teachers and Zenthai therapists. Its focus on Structural Yoga Therapy is great for working on yourself and with clients.  Using traditional and modern-day lenses, we will examine the rehabilitation and prevention of commonly occurring issues in the musculo-skeletal system.


You will walk away with:

  • An Ayurvedic lens for understanding the nervous system and the source of structural imbalances that start in the mind

  • ThaiVedic SAFER (Synergistic Actions for Exercise and Rehabilitation) Strength Principles for postural correction

  • Functional Movement Medicine to build strength, sculpt posture and increase metabolic flexibility.

  • An ability to instruct practices that can relieve pain of the lower back, knees, shoulders, spine and neck

  • Specific tools for precision and refined awareness in one-on-one structural yoga therapy support


When29th Feb - 3rd March, 2024, 8.30am - 5pm daily

Who: Excellent for Yoga teachers, Bodyworkers and Movement Therapists

Where: Mt Ninderry healing centre – Sunshine Coast, Australia

Investment: Early Bird:  AUD $600  |  Regular Price: AUD $637

Price Includes: Course, Vegetarian lunches and printed manuals


Kimmana Nichols

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 4.35.07 pm.png

Naturopath and Ayurvedic Teacher Kimmana Nichols is the third generation from a family lineage of healers and educators.


Qualified in over 20 modalities of bodywork and medicine, his passion for healing arts and teaching has awakened a wave of Vedic Wisdom changing lives.


He co-created ThaiVedic Systems to merge his modern understandings from massage and touch modalities, with the holistic wisdom and diagnostic system of Ayurveda.

Gwyn Williams

Gwyn Williams is a movement-based therapist who created Zenthai Shiatsu 20 years ago.  On the surface, Zenthai is a fusion of Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage and osteopathic technique. Beneath that is an enriched conversation with an vibrant ever-changing life.

The dissolving of division into unity continues to be Gwyn’s inspiration and the aspects of community, connection and contribution are at the core of his practice. For the past two decades Gwyn has inspired thousands of students throughout the world with his continually evolving form, based around Thich Nhat Hanh’s ethos of

“When you touch something with awareness you touch everything”

Gwyn’s work can also be explored through his books’ The Zen of Touch’  and ‘Connection to Source’, this website or the Zenthai healing centres in Australia and Bali. 

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