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Healer's Quest: 

An Ether Initiation


Tasmania, Australia 

November 7th - 17th, 2019

Within the raw landscape of Flinders Island, dive deep into your True Nature as an ecological being, consolidate your relationship with spirit and evolve your unconscious behavioural adaptations. 

Immersion Overview

In a world filled with so much noise, distraction and imbalance, we need opportunities to drop into our true selves within the nurturing arms of Mother Nature. 


This is an initiation into the subtle, spacious and etheric energies of nature and the self. You will be given the opportunity to let the truest version of your intuition guide health and balance for yourself and the world.


Fully surrender to an experiential journey where you learn Ayurvedic lenses, practices and insights, to harmonise your relationship to yourself, the world and another, and immediately put your theory into practice.


Reconnect to your roots (within raw, untouched landscapes) to liberate yourself into rediscovering the natural healing rhythms of life. You will be guided into the Quest with principles and practices from Way of Nature, a system based on the essence of spiritual cultivation common across all major lineages, applied in nature. 

Who is This Immersion For?

This immersion would greatly benefit and compliment individuals that have a grounded self-practice, a sense of spirit and connectedness to all of life and are ready to undeniably surrender to spirit and dive deep into themselves and their inner growth, to learn how to serve and support themselves, the world and others.  It is designed for people involved in the healing arts, although those interested in the concept of healing, not necessarily working with individual clients, will also benefit. Yoga teachers, bodyworkers, therapists, facilitators and other creative expressions are all welcome. 

Your Immersion

Support Team

Clair Vanderplank

Claire is a guide with Way of Nature, offering Nature Quests in various locations around the world for people to have a transformative, felt experience of interconnectedness. She is also a shamanic practitioner, workshop facilitator, bodyworker, yoga teacher and PhD Candidate. She is interested in the collective shift from a worldview of separation to a worldview of interbeing, how that change is occurring and the implications that has for how we live, lead, organise in systems and restore ecological integrity both within ourselves and in our relationships with all of life.

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Kimmana Nichols

Naturopath and Ayurvedic Teacher, Kimmana Nichols, is the third generation from an entire family of holistic healers and educators. He dreams of a world filled with perceptive self-guided individuals due to a united system of holistic medicine and self-healing. With experience in more than 20 modalities of bodywork and medicine, his passion for healing arts and teaching has awakened a world wave of Vedic Wisdom that has been changing lives. He believes natural environments offer some of the most powerful healing available to humankind and is constantly willing to share his passions and experiences of Mother Nature with the world.

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Yeliz Basafacan

Passionate about music, food and community, Yeliz lives to bring events alive with her joy and enthusiasm. Brought up by a family of Turkish chefs, she will be providing the catering for this event. Yeliz is also handling the organisational aspects of this event.

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  • 7th November: Arrive to the Island and be welcomed in with a sunset ceremony. 


  • 8th - 10th November: Divulgence into the Ayurvedic 5 Element Theory in relation to Dharma, discovering balance of service to yourself, another and the world. 


  • 11th - 14th November:  Discover a deeper, intuitive youand create life-changing embodiment byimmersing yourself in a 4-Day solo ether quest. Evolve yourself in your personalised power place, isolated from the distractions of human interaction. For these 4 days, questers are required to manage their own food (ideally kept to water fasting or minimum essentials)


  • 15th - 17th November: Integration back into community, offering your gifts of experience and insight to create change in the world.

About The Venue

Mountain Seas Retreat 

Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia.

Stunning scenery, ocean and mountain views, easy access to rugged wilderness, cosy rooms and abundant wildlife (including wombats!.) 


Mountain Seas is contiguous to 40,000 acres of national park. We have private trails accessing tall trees, fresh water streams, waterfalls and sculptural granite boulders. The walk to the highest peak of Strzelecki Mountain begins one km from the property.

The beaches, two kilometers from Mountain Seas, are among the best in the world. The white sandy beaches of Fotheringate and Trousers Point are featured in magazines such as Australian Geographic.

Accomodation and Getting Here

Camping and group gatherings in Yoga Yurt included.

If private rooms are necessary, you can make a direct booking for your own accommodation at: ; 

however we recommend camping for the duration of the program to be more fully immersed in nature’s energies and easing yourself into your Quest.


Access to

Gardens and fresh water streams

Mountain hikes

Australian wildlife encounters


Link to accommodation website: 


How to get there:



Sharp Airlines (Essendon and Launceston Airports)      

T 1300 55 66 94

Flinders Island Air Charter (Whitemark Airport)                        

T 0408 810 784

Flinders Island Aviation (Lady Barron)

T (03) 6359 3641

Airlines of Tasmania (Launceston Airport)

T (03) 6391 8954

Kirkhope Aviation (Moorabin Airport)

T 1300 206 130

Lilydale Airport (Lilydale Airport)

T (03) 9739 1211

TGS Aus Air Services (Toorodin Airport)

T (03) 5998 3711

Vortex Air (Moorabin Airport) 

T 1300 867 839


Freight boat

Furneaux Freight (Bridport)

T (03) 6356 1753


All this information with links to transport at:  

Dates & Investment

November 7 - 17th,  2019

Life Changing Investment

Airfare and transport not included.


Please note any transfer/banks fees must be paid on your behalf.


Early Bird (First 5 signups) inclusive of camping space and food.


1,300 AUD

Anyone thereafter - inclusive of camping space and food.


1,500 AUD

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