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Thai & Zen Embodied Practices 

7 Days Intensive Retreat


SEP 8th - 15th, 2018,  Portugal


“We do not need to employ great effort to manifest wisdom, all we need to do is to get out of our own way long enough for the wisdom that is within us to shine through.”

This week-long retreat is dedicated to an initiation and exploration of the practices of zazen (Zen meditation) and Thai Massage.


Zazen is the practice of just sitting and developing open awareness as to whatever arises and falls in the present moment.

Thai Massage is the practice of extending that open awareness to another within the context of a thriving healing environment.

We could consider zazen as the art and practice of taking the backward step to look within. In meditation the body, as we sit upright and maintain stillness, becomes a mirror of sorts where the mind can see itself and its many reflections appear and disappear, and at the same time we manifest this greater awareness that it is not limited to these activities.  

Zazen is just sitting and the emphasis here is on the word just. Just being wholeheartedly, in full awareness of body, mind and breath, present to the unfolding of this simple practice of moment to moment of just sitting, encountering the resistances and discomfort that inevitably arise as we sit in the openness of just this moment, just this sitting, just being


Thai Massage belongs to one of the five branches of Traditional Thai Medicine. As a natural medicine it uses the Five Element theory to understand individuality and diagnose imbalances.

As a spiritual practice it incorporates the Buddhist principles of Vipassana (deep seeing/insight) and the Four Brahamaviharas (Sublime states of Mind)- Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Uppekha (loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity). 

Powerful stretches and deep acupressure are applied carefully along as a fluid, meditative dance creating a relaxed supported body work that allows a profound sense of space and relaxation and bringing opposites (yin/yang, solar/lunar , masculine/feminine) into union.  
A powerful, profound practice where giving is receiving.


About the Teachers

Hamid Ebadi & Sebastian Bruno

Hamid has been a student of Zen for over twenty-five years and was ordained as a monk in 2000. He is a disciple of Zen Master Ryotan Tokuda who in 2012 gave him sanction to teach. Hamid is a counsellor in practice. He has spent many years in India and Indonesia where he has taught meditation, philosophy and comparative spirituality.


The teachings are inspired by both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, particularly Zen Buddhism.


Sebastian has been studying and practicing Thai Massage and Traditional Thai Medicine for the last 15 years and living in Thailand for 10 years, following the lineage and teachings of the revered Master Arjan Pichest.


Co-founder of the Thai Vedic System, an international school of movement, healing and bodywork, Sebastian shares his practice through sessions, classes, trainings and workshops around the world.

About the Retreat Centre

Karuna Retreat Center, Serra De Monchique, Portugal

Karuna Retreat Centre is a dedicated mediation retreat centre located in the green mountains of Serra de Monchique in the Algarve. Serra the Monchique is known for it’s healing thermal water, medicinal plants, pure air and lush green landscapes.


The Retreat Center offers a stunning view over Portugal's southern coast and the Atlantic Ocean and is just 20 minutes away from pristine beaches and less than 10 minutes away from the picturesque village of Monchique and Caldas de Monchique (Thermal SPA). Karuna is amongst one of the most secluded and silent places in this area and is home to a variety of local flora and fauna.

The Retreat Center’s property is isolated and perfect for those in search of silence, seclusion and peace.

Booking Info



850 euros per person.


Deposit of 400 euros payable to secure your place and a further 450 euros payable by transfer or in cash on arrival.

* Please note any bank or transfer fees must be incurred by you. 





  • Accommodation - Bed in a shared room (single room available for an extra 30 euros).


  • Food - Three beautiful and healthy vegetarian meals provided each day.

  • Thai Massage certification.




Flights and transport to the accommodation (details to follow).

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