Bodywork Training in Thailand

April 13th - May 1st,  2020


Level 1 - April 13 - 17

Level 2 - April 20 - 24

 Level 3 - April 27 - May 1

A system of healing that stands out amongst all bodywork and touch therapies; bringing together the best the world has to offer.

Course Overview

ThaiVedic Bodywork is a unique opportunity for people across the globe who are interested to help others heal through touch therapies and guidance. It is unique because it is not just another modality to have in your tool belt, but more importantly it is a governing system, a tool belt itself; where all modalities can be understood and used more effectively. The ThaiVedic System can show you the benefits and weaknesses of all healing techniques and on what individuals and conditions these techniques will be most suited.

The perfect union of timeless Ayurvedic principles and Buddhist Thai Yoga therapy, this bodywork art bridges one of the world’s greatest holistic medicine systems with the therapeutic techniques of Thai Yoga Massage.

Who is This Training For?

If you are a professional bodyworker, this course will enable you to apply a greater degree of holistic diagnosis and individualised healing for your clients. If you are new to the world of healing with touch, this course will give you a complete framework to understand all healing modalities and the know-how to give an amazing one hour Thai massage that heals you while you work.


Regardless of what stage of bodywork you are at now, this course is loaded with healing touch and conscious movement tools, and I am certain all participants will walk away with new ways to view the world and its infinite healing possibilities.

Course Objectives


  • To provide an inspiring and enriching learning environment for you to advance your skills as a holistic therapist


  • To support a transformative, spiritual and healing journey; enabling you to learn your individual nature and how to create a life of balance 


  • To welcome you into our close family of worldwide graduates; a group of people you'll be able to grow with for years to come.

Learn From World Class Teachers and Health Experts

Our ThaiVedic Founders Sebastian Bruno and Kimmana Nichols will be guiding and shaping your healing evolution. Sebastian Bruno will be teaching Level 1, and both Sebastian and Kimmana will be teachers Levels 2 and 3.