Bodywork Training in Thailand

June 14th - July 2nd,  2021


A system of healing that stands out amongst all bodywork and touch therapies; bringing together the best the world has to offer.

Course Overview

ThaiVedic Bodywork is a unique opportunity for people across the globe who are interested to help others heal through touch therapies and guidance. It is unique because it is not just another modality to have in your tool belt, but more importantly it is a governing system, a tool belt itself; where all modalities can be understood and used more effectively. The ThaiVedic System can show you the benefits and weaknesses of all healing techniques and on what individuals and conditions these techniques will be most suited.

The perfect union of timeless Ayurvedic principles and Buddhist Thai Yoga therapy, this bodywork art bridges one of the world’s greatest holistic medicine systems with the therapeutic techniques of Thai Yoga Massage.

Who is This Training For?

If you are a professional bodyworker, this course will enable you to apply a greater degree of holistic diagnosis and individualised healing for your clients. If you are new to the world of healing with touch, this course will give you a complete framework to understand all healing modalities and the know-how to give an amazing one hour Thai massage that heals you while you work.


Regardless of what stage of bodywork you are at now, this course is loaded with healing touch and conscious movement tools, and I am certain all participants will walk away with new ways to view the world and its infinite healing possibilities.

Course Objectives


  • To provide an inspiring and enriching learning environment for you to advance your skills as a holistic therapist


  • To support a transformative, spiritual and healing journey; enabling you to learn your individual nature and how to create a life of balance 


  • To welcome you into our close family of worldwide graduates; a group of people you'll be able to grow with for years to come.

Learn From World Class Teachers and Health Experts

Our ThaiVedic Founders Sebastian Bruno and Kimmana Nichols will be guiding and shaping your healing evolution on this ThaiVedic Bodywork training in Thailand.

Sebastian Bruno

Co-Founder of the ThaiVedic System and Yoga Massage Studies; Sebastian is a passionate and respected teacher of Thai Massage and Movement Therapies across the globe.  After many years of studying and teaching Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Sebastian now has a massive following in Japan and is expanding his teachings with ThaiVedic. 

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Kimmana Nichols

Naturopath and Ayurvedic Teacher Kimmana Nichols is the third generation from a family lineage of healers and educators.


Qualified in over 20 modalities of bodywork and medicine, his passion for healing arts and teaching has awakened a wave of Vedic Wisdom changing lives.


He co-created ThaiVedic Systems to merge his modern understandings from massage and touch modalities, with the holistic wisdom and diagnostic system of Ayurveda.


Level 1 Training offers the necessary tools and knowledge to apply for the Bronze Medallion qualification of ThaiVedic Massage Therapist

Level 1 - Bronze Medallion

ThaiVedic Massage Therapist

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  • Introduction to the Ayurvedic 5 Element System and how to apply the system for balancing lifestyle, diet and bodywork sessions.


  • Experience many bodywork techniques as they are categorised into each element.


  • Diagnose an individual’s state of dosha (disease tendency); and understand which techniques are best to balance each dosha


  • As the emphasis in this module is on balancing Vata (which is the source of almost all disease); you will learn a full-body sequence for balancing and healing Vata.

Level 2 - Silver Medallion

ThaiVedic Vayus Therapist

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  • Expanded bodywork techniques that are once again categorised into their elemental dominance for ease of individualised healing.

  • A deeper application of healing with the energy body, including how to diagnose and heal the Ayurvedic Vayus. (The Vayus are the 5 intelligences which regulate health and harmony through different zones of the body.)

  • 5 new mini sequences which focus on balancing each of the 5 Vayus with acupressure points, stretches, Osteopathy and Thai Massage techniques.

  • Individualised use of substances during a bodywork session including balms, moxibustion, and dosha balancing essential oils from the ThaiVedic System.

Level 3 - Gold Medallion

ThaiVedic Bodyworker

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  • The structural body and lymphatic system; working with bones, lymph pathways and the fascia system.

  • Mini therapy sequences for the major joints in the body such as knees, hips, lower back, spine, neck and shoulders. (Specific joints covered is based on teachers discretion and students needs).

  • How the new Joint Therapy Sequences can be enhanced and individualised by layering the holistic tools from Level 1 and 2 such as pressure points, vayus, essential oils and more.

  • Lymphatic treatment with pumps and specific massage of the face and neck to disperse excess Kapha.

IPHM Accreditation

Our training is recognised by the IPHM, enabling students to receive insurance and practice in many countries around the globe. 

Upon completion, students will be able to

  • Diagnose a person individually using Ayurvedic principles

  • Know which techniques are more suited to their clients

  • Use ThaiVedic communication skills to balance psychology and inspire motivation

  • Receive a completion certificate from ThaiVedic which certifies students to practice a “ThaiVedic Inspired” 1 hour full body massage.

  • Further embody and perfect your skills by taking part in the “Healers Evolution Program”; where you can receive guidance and feedback on your sessions and ability to use the ThaiVedic system. This can qualify you for the title of “ThaiVedic Massage Therapist” and a full Bronze Medallion ranking in the ThaiVedic Practitioner Directory.

Personal Benefits

  • Deeply understand your body and heal long standing health issues

  • Learn your individual nature and how to create a life of balance

  • Release stress and trauma with daily bodywork exchange

Professional Benefits

  • Work in an industry that allows you to help others and travel the world

  • Know your clients instantly with the worlds best diagnostic system

  • Provide truly individualised sessions that people rave about

  • Become a qualified health professional that people can trust

  • Be part of an international community of ThaiVedic healers who support your growth and prosperity

Unite with a Worldwide Community

This training  is an incredible opportunity for you to connect with highly skilled professionals in a rich and supportive environment. ThaiVedic is not merely a yoga or healing training; it is a worldwide community committed to sharing wisdom that can change the world. If you are interested in having an ethically sustainable career, sharing what you love, thriving in a community of prosperity and success, working in beautiful places, and bettering the life of those who you come into contact with; then the ThaiVedic community is blossoming with people of the same vision.  Let's grow and thrive together!

Our Training Venue in Paradise

The Sanctuary

Koh Phangan, Thailand

All 3 modules of this Bodywork Training will be held at The Sanctuary Thailand; the famously unique beachfront resort that sits on the sandy shores of Haad Tien Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand.  


Surrounded by a magical coconut grove, and backed onto hillside jungle; no roads, traffic or chaotic streets.  Just nature, tranquility and good vibes. Easily accessible by a 5 minute long-tail boat ride from Haad Rin Beach, The Sanctuary sits on its own secluded oasis of paradise. 

Named after the local Tien trees that grow along the beach line.  These trees  are hundreds of years old and  very similar to the ‘Tree of Life’. They are said to offer healing properties, renewal, protection, growth and luck, as they connect the land and the sea.

The Sanctuary is a place of refuge, a place to reconnect with you, to simply ‘be’... a  place to explore all aspects of the self through self-care and healing. The Sanctuary invites our guests to dive deeper into self awareness  and forge new understandings through processes such  as massage, detox, yoga, healing, healthy plant-based food, discovering a restful time in nature and building intimacy and friendships. 

One of the most incredible destinations on earth; the kind of place you will never want to leave.  Perfect for the journey into healing and health; from the people to the incredible food, our location for this training will blow your mind and heart open. 

ThaiVedic Course Thailand
Sanctuary Thailand Koh Phangan
ThaiVedic Training Sebastian Bruno
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ThaiVedic Yoga Training
Sanctuary Thailand Koh Phangan

Example of a Day's Schedule

(Level 1)

Day 1 – Wisdom Download with Experiential Embodiment


  • Opening Ceremony and creating a ThaiVedic intention

  • Course overview and welcome to the ThaiVedic community

  • The Trinity of Vedic Science and the history of Ayurveda

  • Introduction to the Five Element Theory

  • Movement experience of the Five Elements in your own body

  • Movement experience of the Five Elements with another



  • The Four Agreements that make learning and life amazing

  • Ayurvedic Bodywork and the ThaiVedic Evolution

  • The categories of Elemental Bodywork and knowing the right tool

  • The art of a balanced session and healing all aspects of our body

  • The cascade of disease and which aspect of the body to treat first

  • Practical application of Elemental Bodywork

  • Enhancing intuition and The Art of Mind/Body Reading

  • Understanding mind and movement, and how to inspire the healing direction

  • Intellectual Systems and its relationship to Cross Fibre Bodywork

  • Osteopathic Harmonics and the body’s liquid healing mechanisms

  • Healing with Gravity and how to heal yourself while you work

  • Ayurvedic Dosha Diagnosis and knowing your Ayurvedic body type

Day 4 – More Guided Bodywork Flows and Introducing Meridians


  • Recognising dominant Kapha characteristics and ThaiVedic tools to treat Kapha

  • Guided Bodywork Flow of the feet and legs

  • Guided ThaiVedic Yoga Stretches of the legs

  • Guided Bodywork Flow of the side body

  • Guided ThaiVedic Stretches of the side body

  • Case study examples to apply the Ayurvedic wisdom



  • Ayurvedic Bio-Rhythms and the ThaiVedic Clock

  • Treating the Energy Body and understanding Chinese Meridians

  • The Vata dominant meridians and special points for balancing Vata

  • Somatic Postural Assessment and how to treat while you assess

  • Guided ThaiVedic Flow of the neck and seated position

  • Guided stretches of the neck and seated position

Dates & Investment

Jume 14th - July 2nd, 2021

Life Changing Investment

The cost for this Training in one of Thailand's most famous and reputable retreat and healing centers represents exceptional value for learning with our ThaiVedic founders; both experts in their fields. The cost does not include accomodation; to allow you the personal choice of booking from a range of options from budget to luxury. 

Please note! Although it poses better value, You may choose not to complete all 3 levels at once.  You are, however, required to have completed each level in sequential order, and can only join from level 2 if you have previously completed our level 1 training. 


Early Bird

THB 45,000

Late Booking

THB 55,000

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Early Bird

THB 19,000 each

Late Booking

THB 21,000 each

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NOT included: Airfare, accomodation, food and transport

The above prices are the total amount for tuition only.


Any transfer/banks fees must be paid on your behalf.


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