ThaiVedic Bodywork Training

ThaiVedic Bodywork Training

ThaiVedic Bodywork Training

ThaiVedic Bodywork Training

ThaiVedic Bodywork Training

ThaiVedic Bodywork Training

ThaiVedic Bodywork Training

ThaiVedic Systems Offers Their Foundation Qualification in Integrated Holistic Therapies

Imagine if there was a way to know which healing modality would be best for any person? What changes that would make if this was available to all human kind? The impact you could have if you could share that wisdom with the world?

A System to Understand All Healing Modalities

Every ThaiVedic Bodywork is a unique opportunity for people across the globe who are interested to help others heal through touch therapies and guidance. It is unique because it is not just another modality to have in your tool belt, but more importantly it is a governing system, a tool belt where all modalities can be understood and used more effectively. The ThaiVedic System can show you the benefits and weaknesses of all healing techniques and on what individuals and conditions these techniques will be most suited.

Is This Training for You?

As If you are a professional bodyworker, this course will enable you to apply a greater degree of holistic diagnosis and individualised healing for your clients. If you are new to the world of healing with touch, this course will give you a complete framework to understand all healing modalities and the know-how to give an amazing one hour Thai massage that heals you while you work.


Regardless of what stage of bodywork you are at now, this course is loaded with healing touch and conscious movement tools, and I am certain all participants will walk away with new ways to view the world and its infinite healing possibilities.

Watch the Video and See What Others Have to Say about ThaiVedic

Want to Learn From Specialist

Bodyworkers and Teachers?

Renowned healers and bodywork teachers from around the globe will be guiding and shaping your healing evolution. Integrating the best of timeless traditions, with the most effective modern healing modalities; this powerful team of teachers has created a ground breaking curriculum never seen before.

*) Please see related event page for specific training teacher(s)

Sebastian Bruno

Co-Founder of the ThaiVedic System and Yoga Massage Studies, is a passionate evangelist of Thai Massage and movement therapies accross the globe.

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Kimmana Nichols

Co-Founder of the ThaiVedic System is the 3rd generation of the entire family of holistic healers and educators, now hodling qualifications in more than 20 healing modalities including Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

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Arno L'Hermitte

Creator of Osteothaischool and founder of Thai Massage Circus, is a talented physiotherapist and osteopath who has been teaching for more than 20 years.

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Danni Anner

Creator Danni Anner discovered iyengar yoga in San Francisco in 2002 after taking a degree in psychology and international relations. Since then he has practiced a range of yoga styles, devoting a part of each year to studying different teaching methods of ashtanga, iyengar, kundalini and hatha yoga.

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Jens Philipp

Founder Jens has been exploring the art of conscious touch meeting psychology and spirituality since more than 20 years. He has studied many different touching modalities and teaches how to meet another in their tensions and painful areas through touch, breath, words or simply attention to what is.

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Our Offering for The ThaiVedic

Bodywork Holistic Therapist Training:

What Makes ThaiVedic Bodywork


The The ThaiVedic System was created by the inventive body worker Sebastian Bruno, and holistic health expert Kimmana Nichols. The ThaiVedic Level 1 Training combines timeless Ayurvedic principles of diagnosis and treatment with Buddhist Thai Yoga therapy; bridging one of the world’s greatest holistic medicine systems with the therapeutic techniques of Thai Yoga Massage. This training provides foundational knowledge in Ayurvedic diagnosis and balanced treatment perspectives, giving insight and experiential practice in applying these principles to Thai Yoga Therapy. The Ayurvedic principles can also be used to enhance any system of bodywork or healing.

Personal Benefits

  • Deeply understand your body and heal long standing health issues

  • Learn your individual nature and how to create a life of balance

  • Release stress and trauma with daily self healing practices and bodywork exchang

Professional Benefits

  • Work in an industry that allows you to help others and travel the world

  • Know your clients instantly with the worlds best diagnostic system

  • Provide truly individualised sessions that people rave about

  • Become a qualified health professional that people can trust

  • Be part of an international community of ThaiVedic healers who support your growth and prosperity

Unite with a Worldwide Community

ThaiVedic is not merely a yoga or healing training, it is a world wide community committed to sharing wisdom that can change the world. If you are interested to have an ethically sustainable carrier, share what you love, thrive in a community of prosperity and success, work in beautiful exotic places, all while bettering the life of those who you contact. Then the ThaiVedic community is blossoming with people of the same vision. Lets grow and thrive together!


"Apart from the course being one of the greatest experiences I've ever had, I now sense deep gratitude at every bodywork session I give. Having a diagnosis-tool at hand and a clear structure in mind makes a big difference!" ~ Monika Kletzmayr

Upcoming Dates

What you are is what you have been.

What you’ll be is what you do now. ~Buddha

Apr 03, 2016

until April 10th

ThaiVedic Bodywork Level 1 @ The Sanctuary Resort, Thailand

Jul 14, 2016

until July 19th

ThaiVedic Bodywork Level 1 @ Arts-Thera, Geneva - Switzerland

Jul 21, 2016

until July 26th

ThaiVedic Bodywork Level 2 @ Arts-Thera, Geneva - Switzerland

Nov 18, 2016

until Dec 16th

Holistic Yoga Therapist 200Hr Intensive @ Dragon Fly Village, Ubud - Bali

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