ThaiVedic Bodywork

Why We Created The ThaiVedic Bodywork Modules


To create a system of healing that stood out amongst all bodywork and touch therapies, bringing together the best of what the world had to offer.


A system which connected all forms of health and healing, and allowed anyone to know which healing modality would be best for any person.


A system which enabled intuitive practitioners and scientific thinkers to evolve together, because only together could we inspire and unite all aspects of our body, mind and soul. To share a style of bodywork which is a meditative art that can heal you while you work.




ThaiVedic Bodywork Level I - Bronze Medallion



  • Introduction to the Ayurvedic Five Element System and how to use the system for balancing life, food and a bodywork session.

  • Experience many bodywork techniques as they are categorised into each element.

  • Diagnose an individual’s state of dosha (disease tendency), and which techniques are best to balance each dosha.

  • Emphasis in this module is placed around balancing Vata as we teach you a full body sequence for healing this dosha, which is the source of more than 60% of all diseases.


Upon completion of this course all students will be able to:

  • Diagnose a person individually using Ayurvedic principles

  • Know which techniques are more suited to their clients

  • Use ThaiVedic communication skills to balance psychology and inspire motivation

  • Be certified to give a 1 hour full body “ThaiVedic Massage”


[30 Hours/ 5 days]


ThaiVedic Bodywork Level II - Silver Medallion

Prerequisites: Level I


  • Expanded bodywork techniques that are once again categorised into their elemental dominance for ease of individualised healing.

  • A deeper application of healing with the energy body. Includes practical opportunities to diagnose and treat using the ThaiVedic energy treatment method.

  • Individualised use of substances during a bodywork session including balms, moxibustion, and medicated and essential oils from the Ayurvedic system.

  • A completely new one-hour full-body sequence that emphasises the use of stretching the body with water type harmonics as we focus on the treatment of Pitta dosha.


Upon completion of this course all students will be able to:

  • Unlock a deeper sensitivity and awareness with their understanding of the meridian system and its connection to dosha type diseases.

  • Be able to apply balms and medicated oils which can balance your clients both in the session and for increased self healing at home.

  • Be certified with a Silver Medallion by the ThaiVedic Bodywork Guild, and be able to balance Pitta with a new one-hour full-body massage sequence.


[30 Hours/ 5 days]



ThaiVedic Bodywork Level III - Gold Medallion


Prerequisites: Level I and II



  • The structural body and lymphatic system; working with bones, lymph pathways and the fascia system.

  • Therapy for specific problems of the lower back, thoracic spine, neck, shoulders, and knees.

  • The art of adjustments; The dangers and contraindications of adjusting bones or ligaments. Includes the proper pre and post procedures for safe adjusting.

  • Dispersing techniques to remove blockage and excess in the tissues or energy channels.


Upon completion of this course all students will be able to:

  • Perform therapy for the most common structural conditions that affect your clients.

  • Understand adjustments and when and where you may want to use them.

  • Give a completely new one-hour full-body massage sequence that focuses on the structural and lymphatic aspects of the body. This sequence is designed to be stimulating, uplifting and invigorating which balances Kapha in the mind and body.


[30 Hours/ 5 days]


GET ALL 3 Medallions IN 1!!


Level I, II & III can be

completed as part of the 

Holistic Yoga Therapist 200 hr Intensive.

Interested to Organise ThaiVedic Training in Your Centre?


If you would like to co-create a ThaiVedic Training in your part of the world, we offer the opportunity to organise an event and host us in a location of your choice.


Those with interest please send in your request with details of the possible venue and your promotion plan here.