How to Create a Balanced 30-minute Yoga Practice

Only have 30 minutes to do Yoga? Want to have a balanced practice even if you don't have much time?

Ayurvedic Specialist, Naturopath and ThaiVedic co-founder kimmana Nichols responds to a student question about how to create the ideal 30-minute Ayurvedic practice.


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AYURVEDA: The science of Self-Healing

By Dr. Vasant Lad

This is a classic introductory book recommended by many Ayurvedic practitioners. Dr. Lad is an inspiration to many, and his school in America is part of the reason Ayurveda has spread so widely across the world.

I particularly like this book for its diagrams and pictures throughout. They make it easier for visual learners to absorb the concepts and make a complex subject able to be a flick read if one wants. The section on diagnosis is particularly interesting to many students with great pictures of the tongue, eyes, nails and more.

The strength of this book is its ability to compress so much Ayurvedic wisdom into just 170 small pages. This same strength is its weakness too; as some students find it a little hard to read and apply, sometimes leading to a misconception of a principle because of such a small explanation.

All in all a great introductory book on Ayurveda, especially for those who know they are visual learners. However if you are completely new to Ayurveda and are not strictly a visual learner, I would recommend Prakriti or Perfect Health (both listed below) as the first step because of their writing style, which is easy to read and assimilate.

This Review is written by Kimmana Nichols

Co-Founder of ThaiVedic,

Ayurvedic Teacher and Naturopath